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Happy departure, at-home pospis support, end-of-life care.
A caretaker assists with everything from the life expectancy to the coffin.
Touch with your hands, see with your eyes, receive with your body,
We support the thoughts of those who are leaving and their families by gently snuggling up to the departure.
Japan Nurses Association Tokyo Training Institute
The General Incorporated Association Japan Nursing Care Association has its headquarters in Okayama.
Kumiko Shibata, who founded the End-of-Life Care Association, has long practiced hugging and seeing someone off when they depart. In response to Japan's aging problem, we launched a certified caretaker system in 2012 and are actively working to increase the number of caretaker nationwide.
Shimizu of the Tokyo Kenshujo has had the opportunity to witness many end-of-life situations when she was a nurse. Death is not something to hate, nor is it dark.
A happy departure can have a positive view of life and death, and the family can increase their self-esteem and self-efficacy, and I feel that it can create happiness for those left behind.
It is also the dream of Shibata, the chairman of the Japan Caregiver Association.
"In the end, so that everyone can feel loved..."

I myself would like to achieve the same. In order to help make that dream come true, I decided to become a certified caretaker and provide support to the departed and their families.
Currently, in order to get closer to that dream, we hold end-of-life care lectures, and hold one-day experience in the womb and training courses for end-of-life care as a lecturer. ​ Tokyo Training Institute also holds a “Training Course for End-of-Life Care” to support the birth of end-of-life care. We also dispatch end-of-life caregivers, manage unpaid volunteer angel teams, and offer advice on end-of-life care.
First of all, I will do my best to let as many people as possible know about the existence of a “caregiver”. Nice to meet you.
Japan Nurses Association Tokyo Training Institute
End-of-life station Chisaki Tsuchi Deputy Director
Certified caregiver &Certified instructor: Naomi Shimizu
看取りステーション千咲土 副所長


看取りステーション千咲土 所長


現在大変ご好評を頂いております看取り学セット受講8万円でございますが、昨今の社会情勢を鑑み、期間限定で50% OFF以上の57,000円で提供させて頂くことになりました。


私たちの夢は「すべての人が最期 愛されていると感じて旅立てる社会」を創ることです。皆様のご参加を心よりお待ちしております。


※ [対面/ZOOM]と[通信]の組み合わせはできません。ご了承ください。

※ ご入金確認後、日本看取り士会本部より講座テキストがご自宅に送られます。


期間 2024年6月1日~2024年9月末日

Japan Nurses Association Tokyo Training Institute

Please make use of the individual “End-of-Life Counseling Room”

◉ Those who are worried about the end-of-life care of family members or acquaintances
◉ Those who want to take care of their family at home but are worried
◉Those who regret the death of their loved one
Etc... All things related to end-of-life care
Please tell us how you feel.
We are open for consultation.

◽︎ Reception hours: Weekdays from 10:00 to 16:00
◽︎Counseling place: online by phone or zoom
◽︎Application: End-of-life station "Chisaki Tsuchi"
◽︎Consultation fee: 4,400 yen (30 minutes)

*15 minutes free for the first time
*By email or phone in advance
Please secure the schedule.
*This application will be confirmed when the transfer is confirmed.

Japan Nurses Association Tokyo Training Institute

​The following training institutes and training rooms have become nurses after undergoing training at the Tokyo Training Institute

We have established stations and training centers and training rooms in your area.

Nice to meet you.

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