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​Flow of request/consultation for nurses

Machida End-of-Life Station Chisato serves as a link between the end-of-life caregiver certified by the Japan End-of-life Care Association and the client. This page informs you about the support that the Japan Nursing Care Association can provide ​.


​A caregiver is a service not covered by insurance. After making full use of the nursing care insurance and medical insurance frames, I would like to work with the care manager to plan an appropriate time slot and hours of use. With the help of your family, siblings, friends and neighbors, the burden will be lightened. There is also the existence of free watch volunteers


​両プランとも、無償ボランティア エンゼルチームも90時間使うことが可能です。(最長 5時間/日)

​Relieves anxiety from night to early morning.

We have started a night escort to a certified caregiver. We will be with you for 10 hours from 21:00 to 7:00 the next morning. (4,400 yen per hour)
You can use it immediately after receiving the contract.

​Usage example

​《At Home》


The content of the caretaker dispatch is up to each user​. For home hospice support,

Please feel free to contact us.

・Receiving a sentence of life expectancy, thisI have no one to share my feelings with.
・I want to end my life at home, but I don't know what to do.

・I want you to stay close to your family who will accept your departure.
・I want you to take a consultation to take care of your family at home.
​ ・I'm still worried about my family who saw me off, how should I take it?


​The form below is for Machida End-of-Life Station Chisato

will be sent to the reception desk. We will dispatch a caretaker from the neighborhood to take care of the situation.


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