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New plans "Sakura" and "Ran" are ready.


What kind of services can I receive with this plan?

1. We will solve the anxiety of the patient and their families by telling them what they have learned in end-of-life care.

2. We will look for a family doctor and care manager together.

3. By synchronizing with the patient at the time of death, create a safe environment, relieve anxiety,

To improve pain.

4. In some facilities and hospitals, you may have to leave the room immediately.

We will clean up your belongings so that your family can be close to the deceased.

5. We will also attend the mortuary.

6. Introduce the funeral home,We will take care of the initial meeting on your behalf.

7. We will visit the family on the first 7th and 49th days and stay close to the family.

Types of plans available at the Japan Caretaker Association

​Currently, the plans that can be applied for at the Japan Nursing Care Association areNew end-of-life care services (Sakura) and (Ran), one-person monitoring services, end-of-life care support servicesThere are 5 types.Details of each service are as follows.


From May 2020, in partnership with SECOM, it has become possible to get closer to elderly people due to their anxiety.

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