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​Cafe end

A place where individual ideas are respected"Cafe Nanny"There is

A place to talk about your own death with hope about how you want it to be. It's a place where everyone builds together

The Japan Nursing Home Association has been holding regular events called “Café Nursing” where people can frankly talk about end-of-life care and death with local people all over the country. We are currently moving the location online and continuing to hold the event.


cafe nursing

Nurses: Fusako Takahara & Naomi Shimizu

Who do you want to be cared for? Who do you need to understand and talk to to create your desired end? And where would you like to end up? Those who have experience caring for a family member, those who will care for an important family member in the future, those who want to take care of a loved one at home, or those who want to be held by their family at the end of their lives. There are still a lot of problems to be solved in order to create a feasible society, but if each and every one of us is aware of it, improves it, and communicates it, we should be able to reach a feasible society. There must have been various things behind the fact that he stopped caring for his family at home. But once again, why don't we make "end-of-life" one of the original Japanese cultures possible with our own hands? To that end, I would like to start by talking frankly and listening to them. There are no right or wrong answers. I hope it will be an opportunity for everyone to speak their minds and take steps to make them a reality.


cafe nursing

Nurses: Misako Hayakawa & Yumi Sugimoto

"Nurse? What's that? Suspicious...""What are you doing? Will you take care of me?""We don't need nurses!"

Whether your first impression is positive or negative, I'm glad that you got to know me.


Where would you like to spend your last days?

how old were you thenwhat illness are you dealing withdo you have painhow much pain...


When you think about a lot of things, it may be difficult to imagine from now on.However, it seems that the first thing that comes to mind is often the place where I am used to living now.


your thoughts...thought?Is that it?I wonder what my thoughts are...

First of all, would you like to start by turning your feelings to your 'thoughts'?


How do you feel about your final moments?Can you accept the end of someone important to you?

Having a view of life and death is necessary for both the departed and the nursing side.If you try to put your thoughts into your own words, you will surely see something new.

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